Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How to make a Indian Tea (Chai)

Healthy reason to have a cup of Indian tea in morning!

Chai is a Indian Tea and it can be very healthy, especially in the winter and also if you got cold or Sore throat.Indian Tea is more milk and less water but I prefer it with more water and less milk. I like Indian Tea everyday in morning, it's perfect way to wake up!

To make a Indian tea you can use a tea bag or loose tea (packet tea). I prefer Assam loose tea, it has a better taste for Chai but there are many alternatives such as Darjeeling tea bags or loose tea packet. 

I will give you the recipe I have perfected over time, but it will take a few turn to create Chai which suits your taste buds! I use Chia Masala (Dry mix of herbs) which can be bought from any Asian grocery store or supermarket. It can also be made at home according to your own preferences. If you don't want to use Chai Masala then simply use some Fresh Grated Ginger and 2 to 3 Cardamon pods.

For Chai Masala you will need;

4 tbsp Ginger Power
1 tsp Cardamon (illaichi) 
1 tsp Black Peppers
1/4 tsp cloves
Dry Basil leaves (Tulsi) 

Blend everything together using a blender or a mortar and pistil make the mixture and store it in an air tight bottle.

How to make a Indian Tea? 

1 tsp packet tea or 1 tea bag
1/4 tsp Chai Masala (Mix Herbs)
Extra grated fresh Ginger (small peace)
1 cup water
Sugar to taste
1/4 cup milk 

In a small pan add water, let it boil then put tea or tea bag, Chai Masala  (mix herbs) and fresh grated ginger.

Let it boil for 2 to 3 min then add Milk and let it boil again till it rises. Finally strain the tea directly in to a cup.

Enjoy your self.