Friday, 15 May 2015

Exercise Is A Very Impotant For Healthy Life

Getting fit and healthy staying in good shape?

Why should you exercise? Increasing the amount of physical activity step towards getting fit, feeling good and looking great. By gradually building up the amount of activity you do, you improve your body's suppleness, strength stamina. your muscles will become firmer and stronger and your heart and lungs will function more efficiently. Other parts of the body such as the liver and  the nervous system also benefit from exercise. try to think of exercise as a natural ,essential part of your life - just like eating or sleeping. 

Taking up a new activity can also help you to forget  the stresses and stains of the day and help you to sleep more soundly. Many activity, such as dancing, playing tennis or waking can improve your posture, co-ordination and reflexes as well. So you can see that exercise is an excellent all-round tonic!

Exercise can really give you a boost energy  on regular fitness routine can help you feel more lively, confident and happy to be alive.

Exercise is beneficial to children in all the same way that it is for adults. If children are encouraged to enjoy physical activities at an early age, they are more likely to continue exercising regular throughout their lives and lower their risk of developing heart disease later on. Why not take up an activity up an that you can all enjoy as a family, like Cycling, swimming or jogging. 

How to get started?

Choose which activity you are going to take up to get fit and decide when and where you are going to do it. Make sure you choose an activity you can do regularly. You can choose more then one activity.

Pick a day to begin your new, active lifestyle and write it your diary. Plan at least three times in the following week when you are going to do your activity. Ask your friend or colleague to join you and make exercise part of your social life. Remember, even if you feel you are too busy to exercise, you can probably fit a little extra walking into your routine, for example on your journey to work, a trip to the shop or walking in your house when you are on the phone. Why not try using the stairs instead of a lift or escalator? It really help.

Swing your ropes; Skipping is one of the best, simplest and cheapest way to exercise. Swing ropes is especially good for you heart.There are lots of way to swing your rope without actually jumping over it, so have fun experimenting. Make sure wear a pair or good training shoes to avoid any strain on your leg muscles.

If you have any Medical condition, before your start any exercise you have to ask you Doctor.

Before you start any exercise always warm up with some gently running on the spot and stretching. 

Exercise Benefits; 

  • Good about physical activity, it help you lose weight and improve your figure.
  • It helps keep your heart strong and healthy, and reduces your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.
  • It help you to relax, cope  with stress and sleep well at night.
  • It help you to look and feel younger.
  • It does not mean joining expensive clubs or classes.
  • It does not have to mean strenuous spots or workouts.
  • Half an hour's moderate exercise a day can make all the difference.
  • It can be beneficial for everyone regardless of your age, size or shape, or whether you have disability.

You can find a books or exercise DVD from your Library. There are lots of different activity you can try!

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