Thursday, 9 October 2014

Finding Inner Peace & Your Self

Human being have many levels, physical bodies, energy flow, Instinctive responses and wisdom each play a vital part in our overall functioning, and all need to be in balance to ensure health and happiness. All too often, however a hectic lifestyle can unbalance these levels, making us feel jaded in body, mind and spirit. The regular practice of meditation helps us balance ourselves so that all the levels are able to work together in harmony.

Sifting through the layer of inner experience when you meditate in addition to developing concentration and calming your mind, you may find yourself delving deeper into you inner experience and uncovering layer you did not even know existed. Now what do you suppose lives at the bottom? The great meditation tradition have different name for it essence, pure being true nature spirit, soul, the pearl of great price, the source of all wisdom and love. You might like to picture it as a spring that gushes forth the pure, refreshing, deeply satisfying water of being with our reservation.

Meditation has three aspect the regular practice of techniques that enable us to reach the meditative state, the experience of the state in daily life. There are traditional meditation techniques appropriate to all temperament and levels of attainment. They all involve symbolically going up into the solitude of the mountain, so that we can then return to the inner peace and our self, and we can live a changed life as result of our experience.

During an experience of meditation we are calm, focused, happy and loving. We let go of our burden of ourselves and enter into a wider state of consciousness, awakening ourselves through practices such as Yoga, Asanas and Pranayama. We can then learn to transfer the attitudes and awareness of ourselves, and how we enable us to live fully in each moment with contentment, serenity and love. It is possible, the regular practice of meditation transform our life totally, and you can find your inner peace and happiness.     

Stress of life and how it's effect on our health
Meditation practice can help to reduce the unpleasant  effect of our stress, protecting you from symptom such as;
Tension and migraine headaches.
The inability to concentrate or thinking clearly.
Muscle tension and pain in the joints.
Digestive problem, which may include diabetes and high cholesterol.
Interrupted sleep patterns.
Breathing difficulties, asthma.
Allergic reaction, skin problem and many more.
Physical fatigue.
Nervous exhaustion.
Weakness of the immune system.

Regular meditation gives you the energy and clarity you need to deal with the multiple of daily life style.

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