Saturday, 11 October 2014

Meditation help you to Relax.

How to survive with Meditation;

To get sense of how to meditation works, imagine for moment that your body and mind are a computer. Instead of being programmed to experience inner peace. harmony, equanimity and joy, you have been programmed to respond to life's inevitable ups and downs with stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction. but you have power to change your programming by putting aside all other activities, sitting quietly and attuning your self to the present moment for 10 to 15 minutes each day. You are developing a whole new set of habit response and programming yourself to new experience more positive emotions and mind states. 

If find your self distraction, to think of as a computer, you can picture life as an ocean or you can think about morning Sun, with the constant ups and downs your experience as the waves that churn and roll on the water surface. When you meditate, you dive beneath the surface to a quiet place where the water is calmer and more your favorite peace of mind. The point is that meditation provides a way of transforming stress and suffering in to equanimity and ease.

The great scientific and technological advances of past 500 years originated in the west, while Yogis and Rushis in the monasteries and Ashrams of Asia were cultivating the inner arts of meditation. People have been climbing a mountain for meditation for thousands of years in different part of the world. Well, the journey of meditation has a great deal in common with climbing a mountain. You can aim for top, or you can just set your sights on mountain.

Benefits from Meditation

  1. More Happiness and peace of mind.
  2. Less emotional re-activity, intense negative emotions and dramatic mood swings.
  3. Lower blood pressure in normal and moderately hypertensive individuals.
  4. Quicker recovery from stress.
  5. Reduced cholesterol levels.
  6. Decreased consumption of energy and need for oxygen.
  7. Deeper, slower breathing.
  8. Muscle relaxation.
  9. Reduction in the intensity of pain.

More Great Reasons to Meditate;

  • To awaken to the  present moment.
  • To make friends with your self.
  • To connect more deeply with others.
  • To relax the body and calm your mind.
  • To enjoy more happiness.
  • To experience focus and flow.
  • To feel more balance in your life.
  • To lighten up.
  • To achieve good performance at work and at play.
  • To increase appreciation and love. 

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