Monday, 12 January 2015

Superfoods to be eaten everyday

These are the foods we should be eat everyday

We have all heard about super foods, but what are they and how do we get them, even on a budget? Rather than reinventing the wheel with the latest fad diet, try adding more of these delicious and affordable healthy ingredients that will keep your body at its best. Here are 5 of our favorites food on the earth.
Kale is fun to eat and very good for health benefits. Kale where you find and all you need to know about health reason you will find nutrition information, fact and figures and mouth watering recipes for kale. Kale is one of the most nutritionally rich vegetables grown in Britain and one of the most attractive. Mix with Spinach, it's a great smoothie for morning or when you like.
Not all leaves are created equal, and for such a simple ingredient spinach packs a lot of punch. A one cup serving is a rich source of omega-3s, folic acid, and lutein, which can help build muscle, reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Lund University in Sweden found the having a drink before breakfast could reduce cravings and weight loss. On average, the women who took the spinach extract lost 5 pound more then other group over the course of the three months. As a base for a salad, a topping on your pizza or as part of your morning smoothie
Nicknamed the “brain berry”, blueberries are packed with antioxidants and can help fend of cancer, diabetes, and memory changes associated with age. Rich in fibre, and vitamins A and C, you can reap the benefits of this sweet snack with a serving size as small as a cup. Sprinkled over plain yogurt, oatmeal or granola, added to your morning pancakes or as part of a smoothie.
Don’t let this unassuming ingredient fool you – though small in size, a serving of walnuts has more heart-healthy omega 3 than salmon, more anti-inflammatory than red wine and has half the amount of protein as a serving of chicken. Other nuts combine only one or two of these features, but with walnuts you can get all three benefits in one go. The best part? Just one serving  – approximately 7 nuts – is all it takes. Sprinkled on salads, added to your morning oatmeal, ground with olive oil as a marinade or alone as a post-workout recovery snack.
Carrots are often thought of as the ultimate health food. You were probably told to eat your carrots by your parents and probably tell your kids the same thing, and when asked why, you explain, because they are good for you. But how did the carrots get such a good reputation and why exactly are root vegetable so good for health?
Bright red, yellow and orange vegetables like sweet potato, yellow peppers and carrots are chalk full of a powerful antioxidant. Low in calories and delicious raw or cooked, squeezing in a ½ cup of carrots to your daily diet can help reduce the risk of cancer as well as fight against asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

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