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Castor Oil - My Own Experience and Benefits;

As a child I remember my Granny recommending castor oil for almost any problem we have. For her and My Father, it was the best home remedy for
everyone in my family and friends. Even today for natural health benefits it provides from Castor Oil. Before we delve in to details about castor oil , here is a quick brief about where its origin. 

Castor Oil is extracted by Castor seeds. Castor seeds are crushing and 
squeezing from the miracle beans. Castor oil has been used for thousand of years to treat a wide variety of health conditions. Castor oil is one of the best kept secretes in the world of natural health. Historically, castor oil was taken as an oral laxative, but now taking castor oil this way is not recommended because it's powerful effect can disrupt normal digestion and healthy intestinal flora is a 
imbalance. Castor oil is best exerts and it's powerful effect when applied topically direct to the skin. It prove to be simple, cheap and effective remedy for variety of skin diseases.

The castor seed plant is native to India. Centuries ago the plant was referred to as Palma Christe because the leaves were said to resemble the hand of Christ. It was later adopted for medicinal use in Egypt, China, Greece, Rome and eventually castor oil is now used world wide in industry. The stem of the plant is used in textile industry, specially in Russia, where castor oil known as Kastorka. The oil has very consistent and won't freeze, which makes it ideal for lubricating equipment in severely cold climates.

How my family use to with Castor Oil?

When I was a young my father used caster oil for good health. He used to keep bottle at home all the time for home remedy. My own experience from my father, he used to tell me how good and amazing castor oil beans and castor oil benefits. Castor Oil is a amazing benefits and it's helps in many ways for good health. when we had upset stomach or pain in stomach my father used to give us 2 tsp castor oil with Indian tea in early in the morning and some time in weekend as well because we have to be home. when some one had a muscle pain or back pain he used to tell them to apply castor oil and massage that area then put the cotton wool or thick towel and put the hot water bottle on top. He used to tell us to put castor oil drops when eyes is very tired. So basically in my family castor oil is a miracle. I am a big fan of castor oil and I always keep it in my house. When I am traveling I keep small a bottle with me, I can't leave without castor oil.   

The are are several way to use castor oil as a home remedy. You can simply rub castor oil onto affected area of your skin, or you can make a band-aids soaked in castor oil. If it's only small area to be treated then this will work but for larger area application then it can be used as massage castor oil, then cover that area with large old, thick bath towel and you can use a hot water bottle or heat pad to get better.  

Medical Uses for castor oil in Modern time;
In general, the reported medicinal uses of castor oil in the following general categories.
Immune system and lymphatic stimulant
Labor Stimulants 
Gastrointestinal remedy
Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal
Castor oil therapy (castor oil pack)

The castor oil shows some promise in the treatment of cancer. According to the American Cancer research Society.

Home Remedy that's used in India for Millennium
Indians would traditionally use the castor oil seeds, boil seed kernels or hulls in milk and water, then consume the brew to relieve arthritis, lower back pain. Castor oil plants are widely used in India for all sorts of medical problem, including the following symptoms.
Inflammatory bowel disease
Bladder infections
Vaginal infection

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